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Bag Filtration

Bag Filtration

Bag Filtration

Products in Edmonton

Bag filtration is widely used in industrial plants, keeping your fluids clear of particulates. Our bag filters offer high dirt-holding capacity and long service life, ideal for processes like dirt collection, product recovery, and liquid filtration, handling large volumes of fluid or gas efficiently. They are versatile for various industries, from brewing and distilling to wastewater treatment, petrochemicals, paint and ink, and mining.


McGregor-Sharp Filtering is a leading provider of filter bags and housings for customers in Edmonton. Our goal is to ensure that we have high-quality products from the best manufacturers in the business. We stock a range of vessels to meet any type of need, from the most demanding and rigorous applications to the standard ones. Whether you’re looking for single or multi-bag housings, from stainless steel to engineered plastic vessels, we can provide you with what you need.


To learn more about the products we can provide and to request a quote, please feel free to reach out to us today.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Call 780-438-1045 for emergency filter service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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