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Quality Filter Equipment in Edmonton

Looking for filters from a specific manufacturer? At McGregor-Sharp Filtering Equipment in Edmonton, we are a stocking distributor for the following product lines:


Air, fuel, oil, hydraulic, coolant filters, crankcase ventilation, air, lube filtration units


Replacement filters for coalescing applications, Balston, Headline, Hankison®, Domnick Hunter

Royal Filter

Replacement filters for fuel, hydraulic, oil, fuel gas, air filters, dust collector

Filtration Systems

Replacement depth filters, PECO®, engine life, carbon canister elements, replacement fuel gas elements, PECO®, JONELL™, Tool King

Purolator HVAC


Dynamic Filtration

Air intake filters and housings; replacement elements for Dollinger®, Ingersoll Rand, Joy


Industrial fuel filtration, coalesce housings, go-no-go fuel contamination monitors

Parker Filtration

Coalescing housings for compressed air and gas, dessicant dryers for compressed air and gas, regulators and lubricators

MP Filtri

Hydraulic filters, suction filters, return filters, pressure filters, hydraulic gauges

Marvel Filters

Suction filters, stainless, cellulose, fiber glass elements, return line filters, pressure filters up to 6000 PSI

Wix Filters

Oil, fuel hydraulic filters for automotive and industrial applications


Compressor, compressed air filtration


 Oil/liquid filtration

Eaton Filtration

Liquid filtration, bag filters and housings, strainers and housings

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